Understanding Plasma Fibroblast as an Alternative to Blepharoplasty for Different Eyelid Concerns

Plasma Fibroblast as an Alternative to Blepharoplasty

Understanding Plasma Fibroblast as an Alternative to Blepharoplasty for Different Eyelid Concerns


Plasma fibroblast skin tightening is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that, in many cases, reduces or replaces the need for blepharoplasty, or, eyelid surgery. Plasma fibroblast is successful in most cases in replacing eyelid surgery because it is incredibly effective in lifting and tightening crepey and lax skin. 


Naturally hooded eyes: 

In the case of a client looking to reduce the appearance of naturally hooded eyes, especially on younger individuals where there is not a great amount of excess or lax skin, a consultation will be needed to discuss realistic results. While we may be able to achieve​ a tightening and lifting effect, plasma fibroblast does not replace surgery, which can change the underlying structural area. 


In the case of a mature client looking to reduce excess hanging skin on naturally hooded eyes, plasma fibroblast can successfully tighten and lift the skin. 


Early ageing/preventative ageing:

Plasma Fibroblast is a recommended treatment for clients looking to engage in preventative skin care procedures. Consulting with a plasma fibroblast practitioner (also known as a plasma fibroblast tech or fibrotician) can help you to understand what a treatment would look like for you and provide you with an understanding of what maintenance treatments would be like. 


Moderate ageing: 

In the cases of clients who have aged moderately with sagging skin on the eyelids, plasma fibroblast is a wonderful non-surgical and low-risk alternative to corrective blepharoplasty. In the clinic here in Miami, we see two different types of clients who present with moderate signs of ageing on their lids: those who are looking to have one treatment only and those who are looking to achieve a desired baseline that they maintain as they continue to age naturally. 


If you are a candidate for plasma fibroblast and are looking to achieve a certain look (such as those who would like to tighten their eye lids as much as possible and achieve a very youthful appearance), it is important to consult with your fibrotician to develop a realistic understanding of how your skin reacts, how long the healing is between procedures, and how many treatments you may need. 


Mature skin and eyelids: 

In cases of very mature skin, eyelids may require 2 treatments or more to achieve a desired effect, depending on how the skin responds to treatment and how well the client follows the aftercare protocol. There is a limit to the tightening effect that can be achieved per treatment round and it is important for clients who are looking to improve excessive sagging skin on the eyelids to understand the process of healing and how the lid reacts and lifts. 


If you are looking to tighten and lift the skin on your eyelids or in your eye area, contact us for a consult. Our Miami-based plasma fibroblast experts are prepared to discuss your treatment options and create a treatment plan that meets your needs. 


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