The Plamere Plasma Fibroblast Device in Miami, Florida

The Plamere Plasma Fibroblast Device in Miami, Florida

At Rejuvederm here in South Florida, we use the Plamere Plasma Device, a plasma fibroblast esthetic device that is the best FDA-Approved device available in the United States at the current time. 


This device, with its patented technology, uses plasma (the fourth state of matter), to ionize gas in the air, creating a plasma arc (which can be compared to a small lightening bolt), which is applied to the skin. This arc of ionized gas (or plasma) contracts and tightens the skin on contact, shortening and tightening the skin’s fibers, reducing the surface area of the skin. 


The skin, when treated with plasma fibroblast technology, experiences a lifting effect, as wrinkles are decreased, collagen and elastin increase, and the skin thickens and becomes firmer. 


The chain reaction of lifting, thickening and firming of the skin, and collagen/elastin production produces additional results for 120 days after treatment. 


When the Plamere Plasma Device is used, plasma energy ionizes gas from the copper tip of the device and carbonizes the surface of the skin. This plasma ionized gas is different from an electrical current, providing SAFE and effective results. 


Here in Miami and the surrounding South Florida areas, many practitioners of Plasma Fibroblast skin tightening utilize different plasma fibroblast devices. While some of these devices provide fabulous results, still others have a risk of scarring, enhanced hyperpigmentation, burns, and other serious side effects due to the unregulated frequencies and temperatures of plasma energy. 


It is important to understand that, while this new and groundbreaking procedure is not fully regulated by the FDA, a certified Plamere Plasma Fibroblast Practitioner is able to provide effective, safe results for you and your skin in accordance with this FDA-approved device.


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