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Ionized plasma is ejected from the copper tip of our FDA approved plasma fibroblast device and heats the skin in the treatment area. This heating causes the skin to contract on contact and has restorative and regenerative effects for the following 120 days. The skin, after contact with the plasma, forms what is referred to as a carbon crust. These crusts shed off within 4-8 days on the face and take longer on the body. As the crusts heal and shed, and for the next 120 days, fibroblast cells in the skin go into hyperdrive, producing collagen and elastin, and regenerating the treated area with new skin. 

This revolutionary procedure tightens and lifts the skin, improves the look and texture of scars (no matter the age of the scar), improves the texture of the skin, reduces and removes sun spots/melasma, creating a restorative facelift effect.

Plasma fibroblast is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery and is non-invasive and very low risk. 

Clients can receive treatments on different areas of the body and can repeat treatments every 10 weeks or so under the approval of their medical doctor and their technician.  

Wear sunscreen regularly for two weeks prior to treatment. 

Avoid prescription and professional strength skincare products that include retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids, tretinon, or vitamin A derivatives for 2 weeks prior. 

If you are a person who is slightly uncomfortable at the dentist, consider taking ibuprofen or Tylenol immediately before the procedure. 

Purchase aftercare products before your procedure. 

You may have read online various information regarding the procedure and how it feels. There are a few factors to keep in mind when it comes to whether or not there is discomfort with a fibroblast plasma treatment. First, the numbing cream. At Rejuvederm, we use medical grade numbing cream, however, there are providers of fibroblast plasma services who do not use medical grade creams, and their clients may complain of pain during treatment. There are common cases of a very mild discomfort with medical grade numbing cream, sometimes depending on the area of the skin to be treated, and other times because of how the individual reacts to topical numbing creams in general. If the client does feel any discomfort at all, they can expect to feel a pricking or burning sensation for up to 1 second per ‘dot’ with our treatment method. Our technicians use different tools and techniques to reduce discomfort for patients who do experience it. You should feel little to no discomfort during the procedure. 

Immediately after treatment, our technician will administer a medical-grade LED treatment under which we require you to rest for 30 minutes. This treatment encourages an increase in collagen and elastin production and helps to accelerate healing. 

Once the numbing cream wears off, clients should experience a sun-burn like sensation for about one hour. 

Over the next 4-8 days with clients who have had areas on their faces treated, and over the next up to 2 weeks on the body, clients can experience different phases of healing. 

For most clients, the skin in the treated area will be red for the next two to three days. The carbon crusts will go from red to brown and begin to shed off on their own, revealing new skin. This new skin is a pinker tone than your normal skin and should normalize within a day or so. In some cases of older clients or clients who have sensitive skin, they may experience redness in the treated area for longer. This is all normal. 

There may be a slight itching sensation as the skin tightens with the crusts still on. 

For some older clients or clients with unique skin concerns, they may experience healing blood plasma coming to the surface of the skin as their carbon crusts begin to shed off. This can feel uncomfortable as this plasma dries and feels tight on the skin. Simply suds an antibacterial soap with water and gently and slowly pat the area. This is an uncommon but completely normal and safe reaction. 

Once the carbon crusts shed, you may experience occasional and very slight redness over the following week as your skin continues to thicken and heal. 

Clients must wear sunscreen on the treated area so as to protect this amazing new baby skin from any form of sun damage. 

Clients can expect their skin to continue to tighten, lift, and improve in texture over the period of 120 days following the procedure. 

Aftercare products and treatment indications should be utilized and followed regardless of what point in the 120 day after period you fall into. 

Clients can repeat the treatment in 10 weeks in most cases. 

There are some clients with more resistant skin or pressing concerns who do not show significant results immediately with their first treatment. In these cases, we recommend the client to wait the entire 120 days to experience their full healing. It is important to understand that clients who experience ‘lesser’ results do so because of the way that their particular skin reacts to treatment, or, in some cases, because of improper after care. 

For clients with significant amounts of creepy skin, multiple sessions are recommended for optimum results. 

Clients are required to fill out a comprehensive pre-treatment questionnaire before treatment. This questionnaire protects both the client and the technician in the event that there is a contraindication. If a client receives treatment without disclosing a contraindicative condition or medical history, this can cause an adverse reaction such as hyperpigmentation or keloid scarring. 

Clients with an adverse reaction who have no contraindicative conditions should consult with their dermatologist after treatment. 

Clients with a history of keloiding or hyperpigmentation are required to do a patch test before treatment. 

Clients with current skin cancer such as a malignant melanoma or recurrent non-melanoma, pre-cancerous lesions, or who are in recovery from cancer treatments (must wait at least 6 months after post-cancer medications) must consult with your medical doctor prior to treatment. 

Clients should have no active infections. 

Clients with herpes simplex virus (even when dormant in the body) could experience an outbreak. If client suffers with recurrent outbreaks, it is suggested to be pre-medicated prior to treatment. 

Clients should avoid photo-sensitive medications (topical or otherwise) prior to treatment as the sunburn feeling after the treatment could feel very intense. 

Clients with an immunosuppressive disease such as HIV/AIDS or who are using an immunosuppressive medication should not receive this treatment. 

Clients with diabetes must have their condition under control. 

Clients with a history of bleeding coagulopathies or who use anticoagulants are not a candidate. 

Clients with a pacemaker are not a candidate. 

Clients who uses Retinol or Retin A or vitamin A should pause use 3 months prior for maximum effects. 

No major surgery in the past 6 months. 

No cuts/abrasions in the area. 

No history of deep bruising. 

No epilepsy. 

No fever during time of treatment. 

Recent mothers must wait 3 months after birth. 

No client with liver disease or on a medication that effects liver function should receive the treatment. 

Consult with your doctor if you have any concerns from a current medication or medical history. 

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